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Chiropractor Mesa
Mike G.

Last week I was completely bedridden due to the amount of pain that I was in, I got injured at work and even though I didn't report it I still missed the whole week of work. On the pain scale of 0-10 my pain level was about 12-13 and I was throwing down Oxy and Zanaflex like they were candy. I couldn't even sleep in my bed, I was confined to the recliner in the living room the whole time.

So I made appointments to see my Chiropractor and Massage Therapist and here I am today completely healed with very little pain and full movement in my neck and head again.

I want to thank the best Chiropractor, Manfred Ahnen, and the greatest Massage Therapist on the planet, Carrie Hammond. Thank you for taking this pain from me and letting me live my life again. You two are the best.

If anybody needs Chiropractic care or Massage Therapy, I cannot recommend them enough to you. Give them a call and make an appointment today at Ahnen Chiropractic in Mesa.

Chiropractors Mesa AZ
Megan K.

Dr.Ahnen's office is making something that's typically a pain in the neck (literally) extremely easy. The office is clean, well lit and decorated nicely. The waiting area is extremely comfortable; the wait time is short to be taken to your room and the women who run the front office are angels. They're incredibly kind and work with your schedule, they make the process so much easier. They're extremely professional, compassionate and kind -- I'm very thankful for this office and their wonderful care.

Chiropractor Mesa
Tresa M.

I have been going to a Chiropracter for years and switched to Dr. Ahnen office last year and I am glad that I did. Through therapy, massages with Carrie and adjustments with Dr. Ahnen my right side has finally been able to adjust and I am able to feel better. His office has been great to deal with and very helpful with my needs and care plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Ahnen office for relief of pain and a care plan going forward.

Mesa Chiropractors
Ron H.

My family has been gong to Dr. Ahnen for nearly 20 years. Always received excellent care. He's brought both my wife relief on issues that a regular MD could only cover up with pain killers. I highly recommend him and his staff.

Chiropractor Mesa
Blake H.

Dr. Ahnen and his staff are very friendly. The office is clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. My concerns have always been addressed. Rather then making sure I come back as often as I can, they are more concerned that I come as often as I need. The goal is that I'll only need to come in for routine adjustments and checkups.

Mesa Chiropractors
Leonard B.

My experience was excellent always on time excellent care and did reccomend service.

Chiropractors Mesa AZ
Ashle H.

Dr. Ahnen and his staff are amazing, I could not imagine going anywhere else!!!!!!! They always take you on time and you never have to wait.

Chiropractor Mesa

I've been going to him for six months and have been very happy with my treatments. Everyone there is very nice and professional.

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